Maritime law is the feature of the undergraduate law education of the School of Law of SMU. “Shipping Policy and Law” is listed as one of the five key discipline clusters in the 2008-2020 Development Plan of SMU. SMU was approved, in the first shortlist, as the training base for Excellent Legal Talents in 2012. After graduation, students are mainly employed in courts, arbitration institutions, government agencies, law firms, and legal and commercial departments of companies dealing in foreign trade, shipping, logistics, insurance and etc. There are more than 600 enrolled undergraduate students currently. From 2014 to 2018, the percentage of undergraduate employment rate is above 99%. On top of that, teachers and students of the School of Law actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, international and national moot courts, moot arbitration tribunal, Jessup and other contests, and have achieved good results.

Picture 1Talkfest on “Cooperative Education”

Picture 2Nautical Internship


Picture 3Undergraduates participated in the Jessup Inter national Law Moot Court

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